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Different Sound of Different ReBirth Versions

As we can see ReBirth came through a couple of major upgrades. Every upgrade brought some new features and the TB-303 emulation was improved. What does that mean? It means that different ReBirth versions don't really sound the same.

Vintage SwitchWhat happens if you load an older song into the updated ReBirth? All the automation is there, of course. So what differs then? The answer is - 303 sound. If you play a 1.0 song in ReBirth 1.5, the sound will slightly differ because of the 303 emulation improvements in version 1.5. More dramatic difference occurs in case of using ReBirth 2.0 for playback of older songs. Reason of this behaviour is the enhancement of amplitude release envelope in ReBirth 2.0. ReBirth 2.01 update solves this by adding the "vintage sound" switch which can activate the former 1.5 style synthesis.

Transposed TomsIs this all? No, it isn't. ReBirth 2.0 introduced changes in the pitch of the 808 Toms to get the pitch range closer to the real thing. Sounds simple, but makes a load of troubles, though. All standard 1.0/1.5 songs played with ReBirth 2.0 sounds incorrectly - just because of the wrong pitch of Toms. 2.01 update brought the solution. 1.0/1.5 songs loaded into ReBirth 2.01 have the tone setting of Toms transposed to achieve the correct Tom sound.

It looks like everything is all right now. But it isn't. If you load the 1.5 song created by some 1.5 MOD into the 2.01, the sound will be messed up because of that Tom transposition. Tom sounds are often replaced with loops in MODs and the change in the pitch alters the length of the loop making the song unusable. So watch out! 2.01 just can't be used with 1.5 MOD songs. You can't use ie. PBE 2.01 to listen to songs created with PBE 1.5.

Song Info WindowOne more thing. Let's take the T.G. Virus' song TGV's Kilo Mix '98 as an example. Listen to the bars 322 - 329 using ReBirth 2.0 and then the 2.01. I grant that you'll get the different results - the level of the distorted 303 will be different in each version. Why? I'm not sure, but it looks like the fixes on the distortion module (some 1.5 songs had wrong distortion settings in ReBirth 2.0) also influence the 2.0 songs as well. It just shows that 2.0 songs played back on ReBirth 2.01 differ from the original ones. Weird.

And what is the summary? I think it's best to listen to the song using the author's version. Then you can be sure that you hear the song exactly as the composer did. Shouting to the song writers - don't forget to mention the version you used to create your piece! Song Info window is designed just for that!